Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am a bad blogger

Hello, I am a bad blogger.  I like to do things at my own pace, and unfortunately that doesn't work in the blogging world.  Not so good to retain readers and such.

Fun that was had on R&R
So a quick update: R&R was fantastic!!  I got to spend some quality with DB, as well as his family, and life was perfect.  Then he had to go back, which was sad, but I knew that the bulk of the deployment was over, so it was easier to accept than when he first left.

I have heard multiple people talk about how it's very sad when their SO deploys, but when they go on R&R and have to return to theater, that their second departure is more devastating than their first.  I'm not sure why that wasn't the case for me.  Likely it had to do with the fact that I had lots going on this summer to distract me.

I spent 6 weeks in Washington DC on a internship (woot!).  It was an absolute blast and flew by.  I actually miss riding on the metro, though I don't think I could sustain a life on DC.  I just don't have enough energy to keep up with the tempo!

And now, I have started another year in school.  Third year: the surgical year.  I think might be ready to start talking about school.  More details to follow.