Monday, February 7, 2011

Restless dreams of a Gleek

I enjoyed watching the Superbowl commercials in between bits of the game, as well as eating various tasty football snacks, but the real treat came after the game: GLEE!!  I am a super Gleek (fan of Glee, for those that aren't familiar with the term).  Honestly, I could care less about the characters.  I sit through the talking portions so I can dance through the songs.  And most of the time I watch it the day after on, and I end up rewinding the songs so I can listen to them two or three times before I let the episode continue on.

Yes, the Gleekiness is unreal.  I have groups of friends that love the show, and those that hate it.  But I watch it because it makes me happy.  Lately what makes me happy is Daren Criss, who plays Blaine from a rival high school (pictured above).  He's all preppy and cute (I have some sort of weird uniform fetish) and they did Katy Perry's Teenage Dream awhile back!  I don't mind Katy Perry on the radio, but her songs are 10x better when Glee does it.  In case you haven't seen the song:
Sunday night they did a rendition of "Bills, bills, bills", which was good, but it didn't quite have the same feel as the Teenage Dream song.  Still enjoyed it though.  My other Glee favorites include Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat's "Lucky", Cee-Lo's" Forget You", "Imagine", Queen's "Somebody to Love" and of course the classic "Don't Stop Believin'", plus pretty much all the songs from the Lady Gaga episode and the Rocky Horror episode... I could go on all day, lol.

Anyways, my other story is that I have been sleeping like a thrashing monster.  I don't recall having any particularly violent or active dreams, but my bed has been a disaster every morning when I wake up.  I'm not really a still sleeper anyways, but this is out of control this week.  I found my pillow on the floor this morning and my blankets were all pulled out of the foot of the bed.  I'm just chalking it all up to stress.  After all, since last year with grad school I started grinding my teeth so I now have to wear a really sexy mouth guard at night.  Oh baby, oh baby.  I can tell when I hit stressful times of the year because I literally chew the crap out of them and have to replace them sooner.

Of course, this active/angry/marathon sleeping doesn't do much to actually rest my body.  I have a rough day at school, fall into bed exhausted, and then wake up feeling even more tired.  I'm starting to wonder if I need to get one of those goofy guardrails that you put on the edges of toddlers' beds so they don't fall out.  I've done my best to work out *relatively* regularly so that I can work some of the stress off, but there are so many hours in the day that I can sacrifice to non-studying activities, and things like food and sleep take priority.

Obviously sleep is not taking enough priority right now, since I'm up late blogging.  G'night folks.

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  1. Maybe you're dancing to Glee songs at night.