Sunday, January 9, 2011

Martini madness

Oy internet world, I'm back from an action-packed weekend!  Friday evening I spent some quality time with my Aunt & Uncle across town and my 6 & 10 yr-old cousins.  It was a blast to play with the kids, and we did some Wii games as well.  I was introduced to the awesome game called Just Dance.  Not only was it fun, it was a real workout.  I did Eye of the Tiger with one of the cousins, and it was all punching and karate stuff - I felt like I was in a cardio class!

Saturday was extremely productive.  I went to a Bridal Expo downtown with my sister (she's getting married in 6 months).  We checked out most of the booths (there were a TON!), plus I was sure to stop at some of the cake booths for tastings :D  Then later in the afternoon I met up with friends in a running club for a 2-mile run through downtown (I may tell more of this story in another post).  Afterwards we had a great dinner at Old Chicago.  Hanging out with friends really lifts my spirits.  I feel so happy, sometimes I find myself looking around for DB in the midst of my friends - it really feels like he's here with me.  It's a nice little moment of ignorant happiness.

Today was quite relaxing, with Church in the morning and lunch with the family.  My Uncle across town bought a new iPOD and called me for help, so after lunch I went over there to try to be helpful.  I'm pretty sure that just because I'm young, but it was still nice to feel like I could help out.

One of the weekend highlights was the abundance of martinis!  My Dad is really into fancy drinks; I think of it like experimenting with cooking in the kitchen.  The fun is in looking up recipes and trying to come up with tasty combinations.  Our favorites so far: the Lemon Drop Martini, the Midori Martini and Cinnamon Amaretto Martini (well that last one isn't a martini but I had to somehow fit it in with the others).  I feel like I'm living at a bar, lol.

Lemon Drop
Midori Martini
Mango Martini
Sync or Swim

May there be many more merry martinis in my future!

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