Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunny day

I had a sunny day today!  Well I kinda forced myself to have a sunny day, because it's never fun being gray, so today was stuffed full of rainbows :D

I finally got around to seeing the latest Harry Potter movie.  It came out back during Thanksgiving time, but then life seemed to shift into fast forward for me.  Between studying for finals, taking finals, and travelling over Christmas, I didn't make the time to get to the theatres.  But today I said enough is enough.  I pulled out my coupon for a free movie and made it to a matinée.  The show was AWESOME!  I can hardly wait for the final movie to come out this summer.  I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so I think they could've produced a really crappy movie and I would've loved anyways, but thankfully they put out a great production.

In other very exciting news (cue sarcasm), my dog was groomed today.  I'm staying with my parents for a week before school starts up again, so I get to hang out with my dog, Joey.  Technically he's the family's dog and he lives with my folks, but he has always slept in my room and been my dog.  Regardless, it's a blast to see him when I come home on weekends.  So my scruffy old man dog was groomed this afternoon and he looks just adorable.  He always comes home from the groomers exhausted because he spends the entire day awake and barking like a crazy man.  Now he's home looking super-spiffy and utterly exhausted.  A tired puppy is a good puppy!
My tired handsome old man

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