Saturday, January 29, 2011

Running the day away

Today was a big running day.  From about 11:30-5:30 today, I was solidly active, whether it was running or briskly walking.  I was one of two people in charge of laying trail for my running group.  I'm a part of a social running group composed of graduate students and soldiers from the nearby post.  We do a run every weekend, anywhere from 2-12 miles, and it's always a new route.  The two leaders set marks along the way by dropping handfuls of flour behind them, so the entire run is like a big scavenger hunt.  It's not uncommon for 4 miles to take us 1.5 hours with lots of dead ends, getting lost, and enjoying the activities along the way.  Today I was a leader with another group member, and I had worked out my upper body really hard the day before.  So from lifting weights and running, my body is completely zonked.  I'll likely spend most of Sunday resting (of course while studying everything that I've neglected in the last two days).

I came across this post in my dashboard while reading blogs:  Too funny!  I love a good dose of sarcasm :) I have a lot of sarcasm in my sense of humor, and sometimes I wish I could let it shine through a bit more.  But it always seems to come off as cynical or negative, so I do my best to just be happy around people.  I certainly don't want to be one of those people that others avoid because they're not fun to be around.  I don't try to lie to those around me, but I don't want to be constantly whining about "poor me" or "I miss my boyfriend, blah blah blah".

Ok, I am entirely too overtired and I'm afraid this post is going to turn to emo, so I shall call it a night.  Hopefully I'll hear from DB tomorrow!!  (I missed a call from him today while I was out running  :(

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  1. Happy to see you are keeping yourself busy! I hope you are doing well!